Shree Jalaram Bhojanalaya


The Trust has constructed an "Annakshetra" (Food Court) beside the temple complex, to feed all visitors to the temple. They could be worshippers or travelers who have stopped by to pay respect to Jalaram Bapa.

On special days like Thursdays and festivals, over 1000 people are served clean, sumptuous and hygienic food. The meal is absolutely free and given without any discrimination of caste, creed or religion.

The Building Construction was done with the help of kind donation by Smt. Puspaben Madhubhai Patel in remembrance of Late Shri Madhbhai Dahyabhai Patel and the working capital is being contributed continuously by Shri Devangbhai R. Patel (IPCOWALA) in sweet remembrance of Late Shri Maganbhai Dhoribhai & Late Shri Indukaka Ipcowala and the flow of donation in kind like Wheat, Rice, Pulses etc. by the devotees.